Magnolias, Spring Rain, and Indoor Activities

Spring is really wonderful in this great state of Nebraska, as an oregonian typical march weather is constant drizzle and little to no sun. Though the wind does blow and it is darn hard to pedal into, it sure beats coming home sopping wet and cold from getting caught out and trying to bike back between the rain spurts.

It rained today but despite that Hannah and I biked to the farm this morning to do the animal chores and water the plants in the green house. On the way we passed a magnolia tree just about in full bloom. One drawback to windy Nebraska is that the blossoms on the trees don’t stay on too long, succumbing to the gusty winds, whereas in the Northwest the trees flower for most of the spring. It is a gorgeous sight to see the ornamental cherries and plums blooming along the Willamette River.  Until the wind steals away all the flowers, Han and I will continue to  take a few minutes to enjoy the blooming trees.

One great thing about farming is how varied the work is. We accomplished a lot of indoor activities today while it rained, ordering our seed potatoes, business errands, planned out our fields and succession planting schedule, and we bought some office supplies for our mounting paper piles… I can’t wait to break in this new file cabinet we bought at a local thrift store called CrossRoads (which is a great thrift store. The ladies in there always give me these looks like ‘he can’t be from here’ because of the way I dress but they were pretty impressed when I carried out the file cabinet by myself. One of them said, “you’ll have a hard time making it up those stairs” and I said back, “Nah, it won’t be a problem” and it wasn’t!) Anyways, We caught up with business stuff and are excited for the ground to dry out so we can work it up and seed and transplant.


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