Water- Digging a well

Today we had a new well put in on our property in order to supply a water source for our farm.  We have currently been running hoses from the city water line to run some overhead sprinkler lines, and we are very much looking forward to easier access to water to grow our crops!  As we have mentioned before, we are starting from the ground up and learning so much a long the way!  The company that did all of the work were kind and willing to share a lot about the process with us.

It was really interesting to see all of the levels of earth as they siphoned it from the drill.  The final level above the aquifer was this beautiful light colored clay that was so soft and refreshing and felt great to dip my feet in on a warm day! 



This is the cable drill, one of the oldest styles of well drilling.


The trucks and the PVC used for the well.  After drilling 160 feet of steel pipe, PVC is inserted over which is then lined with gravel.  After that is completed, they remove the steel pipe and flush the entire system with water pressurized by air.


The soft clay near the aquifer.


Hitting the aquifer and flushing out the remaining gravel and sand.



All done and capped.  Next week a pressurized pump and trenches will be put in for us to run irrigation lines!  We will be doing a combination of drip irrigation and overhead irrigation this year.  Drip is great for conservation, but overhead is a little bit easier to maintain and some plants appreciate the moisture on their leaves, while others become more susceptible to problems if their leaves are consistently wet.



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