Springfest and Sandwich Boardin’

For the various upcoming events this week, Hannah and I are making a sandwich board.  On Wednesday (4/18), there is Hour of No Power from 6pm to 7pm at Hastings College and Prairie Loft’s Springfest on Sunday (4/22) from 1pm to 6pm where we will have an informational booth. Admission is free and there will be lots of activities and fun. Here is a link to their programs and events:  http://www.prairieloft.org/Prairie_Loft/Programs.html . If you have signed up for our CSA, introduce yourself to us (especially to me, Will, since I am new here, I would love to chit chat.)

We will use this sign for various events, our market stall, our open house, and (with Jim and Connie’s permission) maybe as a road side sign. One thing that separates farms, at market especially, is signage. Han and I experienced this first hand going to various markets in Seattle and the small community market about twenty miles away in Chehalis, WA, which was a joke to the farmers we worked for because on any given market only a handful of people would come to buy veggies. However our farmers recognized that the community farmers market was a step in the right direction for the community, so they sent the interns to do the market. Being responsible for a market stall was eye-opening and a great learning opportunity. When veggies were beautiful and well presented it made a huge difference, but without signs naming each vegetable and its price people were not nearly as interested. If I was late getting setup not able to put up all my signs customers would compliment me and the stall then ask what this was or how much that was; it was exhausting and clear to me then that signage was a very important element in marketing.

Even more so than vegetable signs at market is the farm sign. Han and I have had a hard time settling on a logo and a look. Making our brochure was another enlightening experience because we looked at a lot of different images, names, fonts, and designs for the front page of our brochure. Hannah is a whiz at photoshop fortunately, so the brochure turned out pretty sharp. Otherwise, I don’t know what we would have done.  We have settled on beets because it is one of our favorite veggies and it will be a staple for the boxes. I like the earthy qualities and personally a salad without beets is just not the same. The crunchiness, the wholesomeness, you can’t go wrong with beets! (if you aren’t a fan of beets try some of the other varieties like golden or chioggia which are much sweeter and less earthy).

We hope to have an abundance of produce this season so we may become a regular at the Highland Park Farmer’s Market to encourage a more lively community atomosphere. We can’t wait to see you there come June 9th. Until then come out and see us at Prairie Loft this Sunday or on Hastings College campus this Wednesday.


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