Just A Reminder

I wanted to remind everyone that there is no open house today, due to the lack of veggies in the first direct-seeding we have pushed our first box back two weeks. Everyone should have gotten an email but just to double-check I wanted to make a quick post about it.

I have to get back to planting tomatoes, Hannah seeded the first bunch on march eighth and they are monsters, some are three feet tall and a stalk thicker than my thumb. But it is slow going so I invited some Hastings College friends over to help out, there is nothing better than taking advantage of eager young students. I hope they don’t mind shoveling compost out of the truck bed while I sit in the cab and drive on this ninety degree day.

Oh if anyone is interested I found a farm blog from the Pacific Northwest that speaks to the mechanization side of farming here is the link. Plus they have cute photos of their little boy. The page I directed you to is older so make sure to check out their current april/may postings too. There is some interesting dialogue about scale and profitability. They are considerably larger and most of the equipment is out of our price range but not all of it. I found this blog searching for a mini-chisel plow, which is something I want to use next year to break up the hard clay just underneath our ground.

Alright then back to the fields.



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