Hi everyone-

Just wanted to share a couple photos for the families and friends outside of Nebraska.  Our second day of market was today and despite the rain we had a lot of people come out to see us.  Thank you!

Market is great for us because many things need to be harvested at least twice a week.  Things like broccoli, which create many florets after harvesting the main head, grow very quickly.  Things like cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes will be even faster in the summertime.


Our farm is still flourishing with spring greens and roots for the moment, but hopefully soon we’ll begin having more summer crops.  Our basil is flourishing right now, and Will and I have even eaten a few cherry tomatoes.  Our potatoes are flowering and we finally have some zinnias blooming.  

We found our first two heads of cauliflower of the year in the field today, so that was very exciting.  It was the only brassica that we had a hard time germinating, don’t know why.  We won’t have a lot this spring, but definitely a lot in the fall.

Anyway, thanks again to everybody for coming out today.





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