Sweet Lisa, a short reminder of why we farm

The Farm Barn after the first heavy snow

Hello, is anyone out there?  Have you been braving the winter weather?  Are you as antsy to get on your feet and work outside in the sunshine again?

We’re here, working away, planning for the new year, evaluating how we’ve grown after our first year; how we can be better.  We spent a big portion of the holiday/January in the northwest visiting family and friends.  We enjoyed the farmer’s markets in Portland and Seattle and we’re amazed at the diversity of produce offered for this time of year.

We’ve now received most of our seeds, and are working on updating infrastructure on our farm.

Even in the winter time, we are reminded of the appreciation that people have for what we do.

We received a nice little message from one of our CSA members, who shared how she was still enjoying our produce, since she had been freezing and preserving as the season went along so that she could enjoy the abundance all winter.

We have received a few questions about our CSA sign ups.  We have begun updating for the new year and you will notice that we have updated the CSA details for 2013 on our website.  This is not a registration form, it is merely to explain our program.  We will be emailing out sign up forms for 2013 soon; if you haven’t gotten on our email list, please do so you don’t miss out.  26thstreetfarm@gmail.com


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