Seed Starting House

Leveling with twine…very precise engineering!

Before the snow from Winter Storm Q began to fall, we filled a sunny twenty-degree day prepping the seed-starting hoophouse/greenhouse for the season ahead.  Its plastic covering had taken a beating in two separate hail storms in 2012, so we started by stripping off the previous year’s plastic and making a few minor structural repairs to the frame.  We weeded and leveled the ground inside and also added a few more hoops for an additional eight feet of length in anticipation of much higher production this year.  We’re in a bit of a holding pattern until the weather changes–we refrained from putting on new plastic because it wouldn’t be able to handle the weight of the ten inches of snow.  Meanwhile, the seeds that we planted last week await transplant from our kitchen tables, countertops, desktops, windowsills into their soil block homes for the next 8 weeks…Here’s hoping for a few warm days ahead so we can get it covered and our transplants in their permanent home!

The flock making their inspection of our work
Pepper and Eggplant Sprouts just broken through the soil


One thought on “Seed Starting House

  1. Robert Scott Rager February 22, 2013 / 7:06 pm

    Nice sprouts!

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