First CSA pick-up


Wow! What a morning!  Will and I just finished up harvesting a little while ago due to all of the breaks due to the thunderstorms and lightning it took way longer than expected.  We will be set up starting at 4:00 today, but again, no open house or tours will be happening due to the messy fields and threat of severe weather.

Here’s what we have this week:

As a first box special treat, a half pound of Nebraska Mushroom Company’s elm oyster mushrooms (Photo Above)  One of our goals as producers is to encourage the local support of other products grown in our area, and the folks at Nebraska Mushroom in Grand Island are wonderful.  They will sell their product at the farmer’s market in Hastings.

Half pound bags of Arugula
One Pound Bags of Braise Mix (A term for a mixed variety of cooking greens–today it has Kale, Chard, Mustard Greens)
French Breakfast Radishes
One Bunch Spinach
One Bunch Ruby Streaks Mustard (Can be cooked, or eaten Raw)

We always clean everything before it is packed into the boxes, but we do not consider it as “ready to eat” .  We recommend washing our produce again before use.  We apologize if anything seems exceptionally dirty but we were fighting a lot of rain and VERY muddy fields today.

Both the arugula and Ruby Streaks mustard are best raw, mixed with lettuce or spinach to bulk.  Simply dress with a simple vinaigrette and enjoy. The French breakfasts would be a good addition as well.

You will begin to see lots of cooking greens as the season picks up.  These items will cook very quickly and can be eaten alone, or used in pasta, soup, tortillas.  A quick and easy way is to sauté in a pan with olive oil, garlic, salt and a pepper.  You can also braise the greens in stock or water and then drain and  add a little butter or vinegar.  They are the most nutritional vegetables out there.  They are full of calcium, iron, vitamins, and antioxidants.  You will surprised how much they cook down.

A popular recipe last year to use up the Braising Greens is this: Birds in a Nest

Cook a pot of brown or white rice.  In a separate skillet, sauté and season some onions and garlic until transparent.  Add some chopped carrots and cook until tender.  Add your greens and let cook until wilted.  Take a spoon and make little indentations where you can crack an egg to set in the “nest”.  Cover the pan  and let the eggs poach until the white part cooks, but the yolk is soft.  Serve over rice.  Delicious.  This recipe would be delicious with some of the oyster mushrooms in the box as well.

Please don’t forget to bring your boxes back next week!


One thought on “First CSA pick-up

  1. Amie Boal May 29, 2013 / 3:40 pm

    I wish we could be in your CSA – this sounds amazing!! Miss you guys 🙂

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