Need of csa boxes!

Update: We now only need five boxes, thank you everyone so far!

Hi all!
We are asking a favor of you! Our new csa boxes arrived today and we were accidentally sent the wrong size! We are about 20 short for tomorrow, so we would really appreciate it if anyone could drop of their box from last week tonight at the farm so we can avoid using plastic bags. There is a pallet at the drop off site for you to drop it off (we will not be there as we are preparing for harvest day tomorrow).
Speaking of tomorrow,
here is what to expect!

French breakfast radishes
Peas(we hope, we have to see how the yield ends up)
Mizspoona mustard, and Bekana Chinese cabbage
Bok Choy or Tat soi
Oscarde red leaf lettuce
Swiss Chard or Kale

See you tomorrow from 4-6!


2 thoughts on “Need of csa boxes!

  1. Barbara Sergeant June 4, 2013 / 5:15 pm

    We were gone last week. Bob and Kathy Anderson aren’t on your email list. He was to pick up the box since we were gone, but apparently forgot it was last week, so didn’t get it. Thus, we have no box to bring either. I assume you have our box there. I will be picking the box up for us tomorrow. Thanks so much!! I had left a voice message for you late last week, but didn’t hear from you, so don’t know what happened to the message! Barbara Sergeant

    Please add Bob and Kathy to your email list. Thanks so much!

    Bob Anderson (


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