Hi Folks!

Hi Folks!

As Will and I have begun our plantings for fall, we have decided to ask you (if possible) to please click the link below and answer our short CSA survey. This feedback will guide us for the next few months.

Click here to take survey

We are officially one third complete with our CSA program, and we are right on target. As the season continues to change, you will begin to see a strong shift in the vegetables available, and once again later this summer. Our goal in the 21 weeks was to have an average 7 boxes of spring produce (example: lettuce, peas, radishes, greens), 7 weeks of Summer produce (example: tomatoes, peppers, squash) and 7 weeks of Fall produce (example: potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, root vegetables).

We want you to have a positive experience with our produce and the CSA, because we strongly believe in growing food for this community and we rely on the support of our CSA customers. If is wasn’t for you, we would not be able to farm. This survey will provide us with the knowledge needed to better your experience with us at 26th Street. We always welcome feedback, and love hearing from you, so please, share with us!


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