CSA week 12


Tonight’s share:
Swiss Chard
Sweet Bell Peppers
Sweet Frying Peppers (The long tapered peppers that have yellow-red hues, and the brown thin skinned peppers)
Squash (Not a lot this week, our first planting is done and the second one is still not producing a lot)
Tomatoes (Including the first beautiful slicing tomatoes!)
Cured Sweet Onion Bulb
And a last year favorite, EDAMAME!

We will also have eggs for sale at pick up tonight and will have them every week from now on. The eggs are 6.00 a dozen, but if you return our carton to us (they are expensive) you will receive .50 cents back.

Will and I hosted a farmer get together at our farm last night. It was really nice to have a meal and talk to other farmer’s around Nebraska about how the year has been. It was a long harvest today though, since we normally harvest some things on Tuesday night to make Wednesday easier on us, but since we had guests over to the farm we didn’t do that this week.

We are very excited to be giving edamame this week. It is probably our favorite summer treat. Edamame is an edible soybean (same family of field soybeans, but very different). It literally means “branched bean” in Japanese. Edamame, unlike other beans, flowers and ripens once, and then is finished, which is why you harvest the whole plants together at one time since it has a short harvest window. Edamame is traditionally sold with pods on the stem; keeping pods on the stem maintains freshness, flavor, and quality. When pods are left on the plant, beans retain sugars for several days, and quality remains high.

Edamame does not have edible pods; only the beans inside are eaten. We prefer to eat Edamame the Japanese way-boiled in salted water and the beans are squeezed from the pod directly into the mouth, and the pods are discarded. They are also a great addition to stir fries. If you are interested in freezing any Edamame, you can order additional bunches and pick them up at the farmer’s market this Saturday. This is your only chance this year for fresh edamame.

I’ll post a few more recipes tonight after pick up, so check out the blog later for this recipe inspiration! See you tonight!


2 thoughts on “CSA week 12

  1. Black, Amy August 14, 2013 / 7:44 pm

    Help?! We forgot to get our box. Is there any way we could get it tomorrow?

    Amy Black, PhD Professor of Economics Hastings College | 710 N. Turner Ave. | Hastings, NE 68901 o. 402.461.7471 | f. 402.461.7760 | aqblack@hastings.edu [emaillogo_hastingscollege] ________________________________

    • 26TH STREET FARM August 14, 2013 / 8:09 pm

      Hi Amy- Yes, no problem! Just let us know what time you will be by and we will have it up at the pick up site for you.

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