26th Street Farm is a 1.5 acre–and growing–diversified vegetable, herb and flower farm in Hastings, Nebraska run by Hannah Keen and Will Boal.  After meeting and working together for a season at a farm outside of Olympia, Washington, in 2012 Will (originally from Portland, Oregon) and Hannah established 26th Street Farm on the family land Hannah grew up on. After three succesful years of farming in central Nebraska, Hannah and Will are excited to start their fifth year.

Although 26th Street Farm is not certified organic (due to being a small start-up and the cost of certification), our pledge as farmers is to follow the regulations set forth by the National Organic Program.  Our produce is hand-tended, and our goal is to be a sustainable farm that protects and improves the land for years to come.   We do not use artificial fertilizers and our seeds are non-GMO varieties, which are often times certified organic.  In the rare event that we need to treat for an insect problem, (last resort) we use only plant, mineral or natural bacteria based products that the NOP allows.  We want to consume safe food and we want the same for you. We regularly rotate and cover crop our fields to enhance the life of our soil, and take full advantage of our on-site apiary and beneficial insect plantings to aid in pollination.

We are a community farm and our products are all directly marketed in the Hastings area through our CSA program and our attendance at Highland Park Farmer’s Market (June through October).  We look forward to sharing the bounty with you.



2 thoughts on “26TH STREET FARM’S STORY

  1. Dawn Douglas-Gienger March 25, 2012 / 9:13 pm

    Hey Will, We celebrated Austin’s 7th Birthday yesterday and Connie was telling me about your adventures and promised to send me a link to your blog. We joined a CSA called Pitchfork and Crow last year. Best money we ever spent. Our farmers, Carri and Jeff, are leasing a farm south of Albany and we had a terrific time visiting last summer. They live in West Salem so Jeff has a real teepee on the property where he would stay on days when he needed to put in lots of hours. The teepee with fire pit is a huge hit with the boys. Pretty much everything Jeff does is a hit with them. Anyway, we are counting the days until they start up in May. Last year was their first on the farm and they faced many challenges and disappointments–trying to get used to the soil and such. Nothing seems to get them down though.

    Good luck with everything. I’ll really enjoy following your blog.


  2. primevalgardens June 6, 2014 / 8:09 am

    Your farm looks great. You should look into becoming Certified Naturally Grown if you aren’t already. I have a small farm in Ca and that has been a great and affordable alternative to organic certification for us. Good luck!

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