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26th Street Farm has a small honeybee apiary on site for the pollination benefits and the honey is a bonus! Our raw lightly filtered honey is available seasonally $10/LB.

SWARMS: We will also remove honeybee swarms from your property. If you ever encounter a swarm call us and we will remove it safely to our apiary. Honeybees when  swarming are very docile, they do not have any brood or food stores to protect and their bellies are full of honey! Honeybees are a threatened species and are vital to providing the food on your table. Swarms tend to move quickly so please call us ASAP.
Call Will at 402-705-9340 or Hannah at 402-705-1664 for swarm removal.

Swarm removal rates: FREE

COLONY REMOVAL: Dont Exterminate, RELOCATE! Have a honeybee colony in an unwanted area such as a building on your property? We can likely remove it.  Please bear in mind this on a case by case basis due to difficulty and safety.  Often times exterminators do not know to remove all of the comb and stores built by the bees which, if left, will continue to attract new swarms of honeybees or other unwanted pests such as mice.  We will remove both the bees and the comb left behind to help prevent continued problems.  Beekeeper Will Boal will give a free consultation. To make an appointment with Will, please call 402-705-9340.

Colony removal rates: $30/hour  Average removals take 2-3 hours.

PRIVATE BEEHIVE TOURS: Do you want to learn about bees or know someone who does? We offer private one hour beekeeping lessons with our Beekeeper Will Boal at 26th Street Farm.  These one hour sessions at the farm (available on weekends only) are an excellent way to learn all about the honeybee.  Attendees will learn about honeybee biology, basic beekeeping, honey, issues facing honeybees, and more!  Attendees will see up close the workings of a honeybee hive and taste honey straight from the hive.

Veils (and gloves if desired) will be provided.
Not recommended for anyone with allergies or children under 10.

To schedule or purchase a gift certifcate: EMAIL 26THSTREETFARM@GMAIL.COM

Beehive tour rates: $40/hour for up to two people.  An additional $10 per person per hour after two people.  Bring a friend and share the cost!

Gift certificates available to give beehive tours as a gift!   



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